♥ Raw Banana Chocolate Pie ♥

Click here for the video recipe ♥

For the crust

Ingredients ♥

How to

Put the mulberries and the dates in your blender (BPA Free)* and blend until you become a sticky consistency. Put this mixture on the bottom of your baking tin and spread evenly with your hands or a spoon. you can watch my youtube video for instructions. Set aside.

For the filling


  • 1 fresh, ripe banana*
  • 9 frozen, ripe bananas
  • 1/2 cup cacao powder

How to

Put the fresh banana in your blender first and then add some frozen bananas. Blend until well combined. Put in a bowl, but leave some in your blender so that the next frozen banana pieces blend better. This time, also add the cacao powder with the last portion of frozen bananas. Blend until you become a smooth chocolate/banana ice cream mixture. Put together with the -only banana ice cream- and stir a few times through, so that your become a swirl. Put the chocolate/banana ice cream swirl on top of your crust in the baking tin. Spread evenly. Decorate with a few banana slices and put in the freezer for say, 1 hour. Enjoy ♥


*Deglet Noor dates are smaller than Medjool dates but I use these because they are cheaper than the Medjool dates. Medjool dates are tastier.

*BPA is an organic synthetic compound which is very toxic. Choose the BPA free options! 

* Always use bananas with brown spots, these are the ripe ones. They are the best for your digestive system and they are the sweetest.

Click here for the video recipe ♥

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