Approved Vegan Places

When travelling the world, always use Happy Cow to find your Vegan place to eat.


1. Bites and wines

This is a lovely, cozy, 100 % vegan restaurant in the heart of Antwerp. They’ve changed their concept of being a full vegan restaurant, with lots of great dishes to a sweet paradise. They now are mostly focused on their amazing desserts and other sweet treats. If you’re a sweet tooth this is definitely the place to be. Worth a visit ♥

2. Native

For my 20 birthday I reserved at Native. This is an all organic restaurant, but not vegan so I ask them if they could make for my family and me a vegan dinner. They told me that that would not be a problem at all. And as promised they made us a super delicious vegan dinner. I was so impressed with all the different flavours and presentations 😀 It was really good. Definitely recommended ♥

3. Wild project

A vegetarian friend and I were on a search for a lunch spot in Antwerp and we found this lovely vegetarian and vegan bistro. I immediately loved the cozy and alternative interior. For lunch we both had the ‘socca’. It’s a chickpea pancake with a season salad. I also took a beetroot juice. Everything was super delicious! Also the service is really good! ♥

4. Green way

I seriously don’t even know anymore how many times I went to this place. Most of the time with a non vegan friend or with vegan friends I go to the Green way because it’s always good and super satisfying. It’s not 100% vegan, but most dishes are. I definitely recommend the thai curry with rice! It’s so good. Not to miss when visiting Antwerp ♥

5. Biostation

Ok, when you’re travelling through and have a stop in Antwerp station, you definitely need to go to Biostation. They have two shops located in the station. One is a food store where you can find all organic products. Their second place is the food corner which is a cozy sandwich bar where you can get a VEGAN cheese and veganaise sandwich! Also other several vegan dishes and sweet treats. If you’re not in the neighbourhood of central station, that’s ok, almost every tram or bus stops nearby, so no excuses 😀 The staff is also really friendly! ♥

6. Aahaar

Aahaar is an Indian vegetarian restaurant. Located very nearby central station. It has an ‘all you can eat’ buffet for only 10 euros, that’s so cheap! Everything (that is vegan) is super delicious. If you like Indian food and you’re for some reason stranded in Antwerp, this place is definitely something for you. ♥

7. Sultans Coffee House

This is a new vegan, organic coffee house, centred in the Hoogstraat in Antwerp. It’s a cozy place. You can find little snacks and sandwiches on there menu. Also breakfast and desserts like pies and cakes. Cookies with milk and of course the most delicious coffees with a large variety of plant-based milks. Also the people who work there are very lovely and doing their best to make everything as good as possible! What is very awesome I think. Definitely a go to place if you want some amazing coffee, latte, ice coffee, you name it. But also for a snack, lunch or breakfast. ♥

8. Rosenobel

Rosenobel is a vegetarian/vegan restaurant centred in the centrum of Antwerp. You can find amazing delicious vegan dishes. How they work: they have a buffet with a lot of vegetarian, but mainly vegan food. You take whatever you want, go weigh your plate (only the food on it) and pay per 100 gram. You can do this as many as you desire. And if that wasn’t enough, they have a dessert buffet with a lot of vegan pies!! The desserts is one price, so it’s not that you have to weigh it 😉 Definitely recommended if you visit Antwerp and you’re looking for something with a lot of options. Price wise it’s a bit more expensive. 

9. Falafel Tof

This is a restaurant where you can eat really good falafel. You order a sandwich with falafel in it which you can fill up with a lot of veggies and vegan sauces to make it the best falafel ever, to your own taste. Price wise it’s not expensive!  What my friends and I do is… Mostly we first go to Falafel Tof to eat and afterwords we go to Sultans to enjoy a coffee, tea or a piece of pie 😀 Because it’s right next to each other. 


1. Loff

For Easter we went to this cosy, beautiful, vegetarian restaurant. It’s centred in Breda. They have so many delicious foods and so flavourful. The concept is a buffet, so you take as much or as little food you want and pay for the amount food in grams. I love this concept, because you have the choose of eating what you like as much as you like. Also the food is every time different so you will never get tired of the same menu. It’s an all organic place and has a lot of vegan options! Definitely recommended. ♥

2. Spirit

My friend and I were in Rotterdam and decided to go to this amazing vegetarian restaurant. My friend has eaten here once before so he new it was good! He was determined to go again to this place no matter what. So we walk 30 minutes :p. But OOOH it was so worth it!  You have the larges buffet you can imagine and almost everything is vegan! I filled my plate so heavy and I didn’t took half of the buffet :o. I was so full, but leaving a veg restaurant without a vegan dessert is just not done. Oog my they had a lot vegan desserts! Also they have next to there reastaurant a organic shop. Very nice! definitely a go to when in Rotterdam. ♥



1. The Juice House

Actually I didn’t found this place in Rishikesh, but my friends did. They where so full about this juice bar they almost dragged me to it :p. So on a hot day (which was almost everday I was in India) we went to this juice bar. I love juices and smoothies, so hell yeah I’m going to drink a smoothie or juice whenever I can 😀 And ooh my it was good! I ordered a mango, banana and something else smoothie and it was super delicious, but not only that, it was also super pretty! They make every smoothie so beautiful. They top it with pomgranate, shredded coconut and mint leaves. Amazing! The first time I went I didn’t saw the Happy Cow sign. I think after the 4th time we went we sat before the bar and then I saw it, haha. I was in wonder, Happy Cow!! Awesome 😀 Definitely recommended when you are visiting Rishikesh. They also have some nice vegan snacks and breakfasts, but that I never tried. You gotta love fruit ♥